In a nutshell: We’re here to help you achieve more and go farther.

What we want to do: Business Administration Information will be the premier go-to site for busy professionals and students looking for ways to advance their careers and propel their businesses forward. We will be the website that speaks to the everyday businessperson, not to the C-suite.

How we’ll do it: Business Administration Information will publish short-to-medium length content — including articles and infographics — that are timely, useful, relevant and accessible to students, entrepreneurs, young professionals, and people at all levels looking to positively influence their careers and companies.

Our areas of interest: Content will be organized into the following categories: education, finance, leadership, marketing, small business, smart management, technology and work smarter.

When we publish: We aim to publish at least one new article on our website every week. You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.