In a nutshell: Business school isn’t easy, but these online resources can help. If you need a reference, reminder or some practice, these websites will provide you the information you’re looking for.

Start Here

The Khan Academy is free and covers multiple topics, from remedial math and English to statistics and economics. No matter where you are in your business education journey, this resource is helpful. It has tons of problem-solving exercises that will prepare you for the GMAT.


Definitions are the most basic part of learning and these websites will help you define a word, phrase or concept:


Writing is required throughout your business education – from a short-answer finance test question to an in-depth market research report. These resources will help you write clearly and avoid any missteps:


For some business math, you’ll need to use Excel – and it can get tricky. These references will guide you:

ThisBusiness Math for Dummies Cheat Sheet will come in handy for common business math needs.


Formulas are the foundation of finance. Use this guide for reference.

You’ll likely be required to have a finance calculator for your business classes. The HP 10BII is one of the most widely used, and hereis a guide to using it.

A common finance calculation is future value. Here is an online calculator for computing it.


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