For students interested in business, but who also want to travel after graduation, a degree in international business may be the perfect match. In a constantly evolving global business climate, graduates with the skills, knowledge, and passion to excel in international settings will continue to be in demand. As businesses and other organizations expand their products and services throughout the next decade and beyond, skilled professionals across industry will be needed to meet the challenges of this expansion. Consider the wide range of exciting possibilities available:

Job descriptions – a wide variety of settings await graduates

International Business JobsFrom project managers, to analysts and advisors, international business specialists address the needs of companies in international markets. Student may seek a general program of study or supplement course work in specialty area such as finance, marketing, or communications. Foreign and domestic jobs are available with travel most likely for many positions. Speaking foreign languages is an asset as are completing student internships in the area of interest. While many enter the field with a four-year bachelor degree, others specialize and go on to receive graduate degrees. Employment opportunities range from working with non-profits and small private companies to placements in large multi-national corporations and government entities.

Compensation and Outlook

While the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not compile specialized statistics solely for international business, they do report growth in the top ten business-related jobs with salaries ranging from approximately $45,000 to over $65,000. For those with advanced degrees, international experience and other desirable skills such as fluency in foreign languages, the salaries may be higher. One of the strongest assets of this career is the ability for determined professionals to build success through specialized internships and coursework. For a comprehensive list of specialty areas within business, see: Business and Financial Occupations.

Getting to know the field

Students interested in internships in the field or who are looking to shop areas of interest should check out local chapters of related professional organizations or groups that coordinate student internships. Additionally, narrowing down an area of interest may help narrowing down a program area. Taking advantage of online educational programs, chapter meetings of professional associations, and regional networking events are all ways to obtain an introduction to the field. Many choices exist for students interesting in applying business knowledge in an international arena; for a selection of related programs, see: International Business Internships Abroad, Business Analysis Careers, and Intern Abroad.

Other considerations

Each company will have their own unique niches they need filled. Many students use internships to narrow down their short list of regions and companies which they feel may be a good fit. Conducting individual research on companies of interest is important to better understand what they seek in future hires. For a list of top global companies, see: Global Top 50 business ranking. In addition, a number of non-profits offer international experiences through internships, volunteer programs, and summer jobs, see Idealist. Each sector has its own unique advantages and challenges, for this reason, students may often try a variety of placements throughout college to be sure of a good fit before accepting permanent employment.

For students with strong communication skills, resilient personalities, and a passion for international travel, a degree in international business may just be the ticket needed to begin a long and intriguing career full of cutting edge solutions and exotic locations. For more information about international business programs, click here!


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