harvard business schoolThe student news organization at Harvard Business School has again produced an unofficial admissions and interview guide, offering potential business school candidates a chance to get an advance look at what types of questions they will get in their admissions interview.

The guide is helpful not only to Harvard Business School candidates, but also anyone who has applied for admission into a business school.

The report is produced by The Harbus, the student-run news source. According to a report on The Harbus website, “What differentiates our guide from other similar publications is that is written by current HBS students. We were in your shoes not long ago, and we understand the nuances of the application process from first-hand experience.

“It doesn’t simply come from ‘recent applicants,’ but rather from applicants who got in, enrolled and are now immersed in HBS culture.”

The 2013 edition, at 68 pages, is the largest ever published by The Harbus. It includes 96 questions that were asked during the admissions process, all offered by students who are now in Harvard Business School.

The guide also includes advice from successful applicants, including the amount of time needed to properly prepare for aspects of the admissions process (at least two months for GMAT preparation, for example, and three months just to complete the school application).

Some of the examples include the questions, “What is the most interesting conversation you have had this week?” and ‘Can you share a piece of news that you are currently following and very interested in?” Some applicants were also asked to explain something to the interviewer as if they were eight years old, obviously testing to see the applicant’s ability to take a complex topic and break it down in a way that even a child could understand.

Applicants also were asked about any past jobs, the experience working there and what they liked or disliked. Applicants also are asked quite a bit about leadership – whether they see themselves as leaders, what type of leaders they see themselves being, what kind of leaders they have worked with and what type of leaders they admire.

Some students – at Harvard or other schools – might be interested in reading advice about that all important interview issue: what to wear. The guide recommends that women wear a simple, classic business suit with skirts that are “at least” knee length and heels that are no higher than 3 inches. For men, the recommendation is for a suit that fits properly and is black, gray or navy blue.

The guide, which costs $65, can be downloaded at www.harbus.org.

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