nces militaryA new survey from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) finds support for veterans and military personnel is high among two-year and four-year public institutions.

The study, released Feb. 27, is based on a survey conducted in the summer of 2013. The NCES sent questionnaires to 1,650 public schools and private schools that are eligible for Title IV funding. The response rate was 93%.

The schools represented all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The survey found that an overwhelming majority of the schools – 96% – reported enrolling military service members, veterans or their dependents.

Colleges and universities now try specifically to provide extra services to students who are related to the military in some way. Because of the large number of military service members, veterans and their dependents now attending post-secondary schools, colleges and universities now offer services specifically aimed at military students.

The report pointed out some of these services, which include:

  • 36% of schools said they have organization dedicated specifically for students who are veterans or in the military.
  • 19% of the schools have a dedicated social space for military students to meet.
  • 82% of the schools reported having a person on staff whose main job was to be a point of contact for military students
  • 79% of the schools reported that they offer customized information to veterans and military service members about the specific services offered by their school.
  • 76% of the schools reported offering college credit to military members for training they received during active duty.
  • 28% of the schools reported offering special admissions events designed specifically for veterans or military services members.
  • 14% of the schools reported having faculty on staff who are former military service members and who offer advice to new students who are military service members.
  • 44% of the schools reported offering financial aid counseling as a service to military students.
  • 27% of the schools reported offering academic counseling specifically for military students.

The number of dependents of veterans and military service members has increased. About 65% of the schools reported that they kept separate statistics on dependents.  Those schools reported have 107,400 military dependents at the undergraduate level and 7,900 at the graduate level.

The NCES is the federal government’s primary agency for analyzing education data and reporting on data-related higher education issues.


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