Global Knowledge, an IT and business skills company, will be joining the White House’s IT Training and Certification Program to help provide training programs to military members leaving service and entering the business world.

The new partnership will provide what Global Knowledge refers to as “gap training,” or necessary training to qualify for modern jobs that military members may have missed during their years of service.

The organization notes that many active military personnel have IT training but lack the necessary certifications that employers look for when hiring IT professionals.

The company will be focusing on high-growth sectors such as application development (which is taking off, thanks to the rise of tablets and smartphones), network security and IT project management. Current goals aim to train more than 5,000 service members each year, providing exiting members with the right credentials to find new jobs.

According to current plans, the training process will be highly customized: Each participant will work with a training adviser to find the right IT training course and ultimately achieve industry-recognized credentials for a particular sector — service members can pick between 12 different top careers. The program will make use of virtual classrooms and self-paced lessons to aid students who cannot reach a physical classroom.

When the White House announced the new partnership in April, it also mentioned a new grant program for veterans with health care experience to earn their nursing licenses without falling into debt. Similar programs are also planned for transportation positions, emergency medical services, and educational credit programs, making it possible for service members to achieve credentials in a broad number of industries. Through these programs, military service members receive vital gap training necessary to enter the business world. Other companies involved in this partnership include technology giants such as Microsoft Corp., Cisco Systems, Oracle and HP, among others.

In the United Kingdom, the government and private industries have worked together in a similar way to get ex-military members to fill open jobs; as part of a larger investment plan in the oil and gas sectors, the government intends to create a national program that will retrain ex-military members to fill an expected gap of 15,000 open jobs there in the next four to five years. Ex-military personnel, government officials noted in a press release, often have the skills the industry looks for, and have previously made successful transitions into the sector.


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